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Flow meters and Piezometer

We also deals in flow meter and Piezometer, as we know that flow meters are of two type i.e. Electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meter which measure the how much water is discharged, as we know that The electromagnetic flowmeter uses Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction to measure the process flow. When an electrically conductive fluid flows in the pipe, an electrode voltage E is induced between a pair of electrodes placed at right angles to the direction of magnetic field.The electrode voltage E is directly proportional to the average fluid velocity V.

So Ultrasonic flow meter use for open channel and Electromagnetic flow meter is used where water is flow through Pipe line so we deal in both as electromagnetic flow can be of any size like 0.75’ inches to 8 inches and more so we deals in all as per customer requirements.

Now as an working days Piezometer is mandatory to install every industry which emit water from Borewell , an instrument for measuring the pressure of a liquid or gas, or something related to pressure (such as the compressibility of liquid). Piezometers are often placed in boreholes to monitor the pressure or depth of groundwater so every industry have to mandatory to install this Piezometer as we know very well that piezometer is basically used for to measure the level of water and also the temperature, so we deals in that, Piezometer is also known as Digital water level recorder (DWLR) they are two type display types and telemetry type, so we deals in both. As we also follow the rules and adhere the rules of CGWA (Central Government Water Authority).

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